Friday, May 30, 2008

Jacob's School Kids Gardening Project

Jacob Beidler Elementary School Community garden just got a generous donations from Open Lands, so that the children in Pre K - 3rd grade could plant flowers in their container gardens. The teachers scheduled a work day with their class. Each class filled large containers with dirt that was delivered on Tuesday, and came out on Thursday morning to plant the flowers into the large Terra cotta planters.

The children were excited, and loved how beautiful they were able to make their school. The same children participated in a "Saturday Clean UP Day", were they picked up trash around the school, planted tulip bulbs that were donated by the Garfield Park Conservatory bulb giveaway.

The master gardener/consultants at City escape garden center & design studio helped make decisions on the arrangements.
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CAR_alpha said...

Last Thursday the Kids Gardeners at Jacob Beidler had a planting day. Seven planters were filled with a beautiful aray of plants by Pre-k through 3rd grade classrooms.
Well the new containers didn't make it through the weekend before someone stole two. One container was on the Kedzie side of the school, the other on the Albany side. They had to step over the kids garden to take them. How selfish! That meant that they walked away with over $300 worth of donated containers, and plant materials. The funding came from a grant from Openlands School Garden Program.

CAR_alpha said...

Before the end of school Dr. Teague found the containers, called the police department to make a report. That didn't help. But, the enginner Mike drove around the neighbor and spotted the containers intact, in the front yards of folks that adopted them . They will now be indoors for the duration.

Dan said...

Wow, that's intense. Did they press charges? Maybe the culprit(s) should do something like put in some hours of community service so they get to know you & the kids, & better understand how the garden project is helping to beautify the neighborhood.