Monday, June 20, 2016

Public Art Rosenwald

Call for Artists

Public Art Rosenwald

archi-treasures is looking for a creative professional to collaborate with residents of Bronzeville to develop site specific public art projects as part of the revitalization of the historic Rosenwald Courts Apartments, located between 46th and 47th Streets, and between Michigan and Wabash Avenues in Chicago, Illinois.
Vision and Goals
This project will result in the installation of permanent, site specific artwork at Rosenwald Courts. The artwork will:
• Reflect the rich history of the Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments (aka “the Rosenwald”) and its role in the Great Migration of African Americans to Chicago from the South
• Engage current residents and neighbors in the conceptualization, design and/or production of the artwork in order to build a sense of connection and stewardship of this landmarked, culturally significant development
• Contribute to the identity of Rosenwald Courts as a cultural anchor in a revitalizing Bronzeville, embracing both the past and future of this community
June 24, 2016

"Peace at Home, Peace Abroad"

It's not often that you're asked to be in a movie . . . but here's your chance.

Chicago Veterans For Peace member Frank Fitzgerald (, 312-218-6259) is in the beginning stage of making a documentary film about JROTC’s invasion of Chicago Public Schools, and of public schools across the country.

Here are some things you can do:

1) Let Frank know of any opportunities where he can interview and/or film you or an action that you think might be relevant to this project.

2) Share with Frank the names and contact information of any acquaintances you have who are in JROTC, families of JROTC students, CPS teachers or students in schools with JROTC programs. It makes no difference if these individuals oppose or support JROTC — Frank wants to talk to them all.

3) Let Frank know if you know anyone who has opposed or supported the military invasion of CPS, for example at Ames MIddle School (now the Marine Leadership Academy) or Senn High School (now partly Rickover Naval Academy) or any other CPS schools.

4) Please tell Frank if you have information, experiences, stories, opinions related to JROTC.

He might want to interview you on camera — you might become a movie star! Maybe win a VFP Oscar!

Thank you for whatever you can do to support Frank’s attempt to create a documentary that furthers our Education Not Militarization initiative.

Coordinator      Join us!
Twitter  @DeMilitarizeCPS
cell  734-216-1814  (voice & text)  "Peace at Home, Peace Abroad"

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