Thursday, May 12, 2016

Faces Not Forgotten- Chicago at Bloomingdale Art Gallery

Phantom Gallery Chicago Network   
440 E. 47th Street, Room 205
Chicago, IL  60653

 Faces Not Forgotten- Chicago

The Phantom Gallery Chicago Network has partnered with Faces Not Forgotten Saint Louis, to present the Faces Not Forgotten – Chicago. The Faces project was started by artist, Christine Ilewski. She began painting portraits of children who have died from victims of gun violence in memory of Lorenzo Rosebaugh. It is her hope that by putting a face to these victims, we can raise awareness about gun violence in the USA.

Posting pictures is a powerful way to promote engagement, as pictures tend to garner more views, likes, shares, and comments than text alone. Join us as we present forty-one Chicago artists who responded to the call for artists, to join our social justice movement by painting portraits of Chicago youth who have lost their lives as victims of gun violence.

Featured Artists Who Responded to the Call for Portraits-
Alan Emerson Hicks , Alexa Lebron, Alpha Bruton,  Anne Farley-Gaines , April Dill, B RA-EL ALI , Christine Ilewski-Huelsmann , Cbabi Bayoc  , Cesar Conde, Diane Ponder, Derrell Monegain, George Larson , Jeanine Hill-Soldner, Jeanne Fields, Joyce Lindsey , Kathryn Gauthier, Laura Cerf Dahl, Lauren Pilot,  Leidy Baldwin,  Lucy Li, Melissa Allen , Melisa Halka, Nayda Aurora Cuevas, , Niaz Kausar,  Nicole Laport, Ophelia Adams,  Rahmaan Statik , Raymond A. Thomas, Rob Hogan , Rory T. Morgan, Rylan Thompson, Roger J. Carter, Sandra Bacon, Sarah Kaiser-Amaral, Sarah j Mueller, Sean Culver , Shazia Ilyas , Sophie de la Mar,  Tina Hepworth,  and  Zachary Williams.

Phantom Gallery Chicago Presents the work of eight artists whose art practice responses to Social Justice Issues: B RA-EL ALI , Cesar Conde , Christine Ilewski-Huelsmann , Everett C. Williams, Fran Joy (Evanston) , Najee Dorsey (Columbus, GA), Nicholas Conlon,  Ti- Rock Moore (New Orleans)

Opening Reception, Friday, May, 20th, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates May 16th – June 11th
2418 W. Bloomingdale, Chicago IL
Office 773.278.7677

Friday, June 17th, 5-9pm Bronzeville Art District Trolley Tour (Public)
Exhibition June 13th – June 30th
Bronzeville Artist Lofts
440 E. 47th Street, Second Floor, Chicago IL  60653

Monday, May 2, 2016

2016 NCVRW Theme Video: Serving Victims. Building Trust. Restoring Hope.

Peace Park Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center

Peace Park, 2101 S. Spaulding at 21st, opens June 5, 2016!

Chicago Urban Art Retreat Center is offering service learning hours & community service hours for people who would like to help create the Peace Park at 2101 S. Spaulding Ave.

The Peace Park represents peace & features recognition of American black heroes. You can be a part of this great program to transform vacant lots into peaceful, artistic North Lawndale parks.

We offer regular hours for youth & adult volunteers on Saturdays & Sundays noon-4p.m. for anyone who would like to help. We also provide a special opportunity for volunteers to participate at other times by making arrangements in advance. An individual or group may RSVP for date/time they would like to volunteer.
We aim to complete laying down the long pathway, creating a courtyard, & building benches by the end of May 2016. Please contact ASAP to participate once or more.
June 5, (noon-5)
On June 5, we will open the park with it's first afternoon of activities.           At noon, we will cut the ribbon and let people in.
At 12:30 we will unveil the special sculpture created by volunteers to honor Loraine and Gerald Earles (a couple in their 80's who have done much to improve North Lawndale).
At 1p.m. we will introduce the oath to protect the environment, & ask those present to commit to protecting Earth's environment.
From 2-5 we will play games, make art, & create stepping stones for the park.
Maybe you will help us complete the park during May so that we can open on time for June 5 activities! Please contact us with your questions by email.
August 27 (noon-5)
On August 27 (noon-5), we will offer an exciting opportunity for youth 13-19 to participate in Youth Art 2016! There will be a sidewalk youth art show with booths of youth showing & offering their art for sale! (youth need to enter in advance)Judges will offer 3 ribbons for 1st, 2nd, and honorable mention prizes. There will be a cash award for the 1st prize winner in the form of the Ann Richter scholarship. Refreshments & music will be provided.
The workshops at CUARC will allow youth to create portraits of African American black heroes using acrylic paint on wood. These portraits will be displayed at the Peace Park at 2101 S. Spaulding in time for the opening day.
Please have young artists contact CUARC about participating now, since they will need to create art & sign-up to participate in advance. Rules
Please let me know if you a have any questions by sending me an email.

Ms. Dianna C. Long
1957 S. Spaulding Ave. Chicago, Il. 60623
(corner of 21st, just 2 short blocks west of Kedzie pink line stop)
(773) 542-9126  messages only
Adults Art Studio Program:
11-1        Year Round Saturdays.
FREE, if email RSVP in advance
Orientation:   Noon on Saturdays year round.  email RSVP only
Gallery Hours: 11-4  Saturdays (except opening receptions 1-4)  or email appt.