Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NEIGHBORHOOD PAINTING MURALS on boarded up building!

The Murals program began on  MARCH 12, 2011, and will go through May 31st, 2011.

Every Saturdays from 3-5pm

No experience needed to participate!
All ages wanted- 6 years to 90 years old!

What should our murals say about North Lawndale?

Register by callling 773-542-9126 or send email to contact
leave your name and contact information.

North Lawndale

Plenty of history is packed into this West Side neighborhood. Former Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, lived and worked here when it was Chicago’s largest Jewish community. Legendary musician, Benny Goodman, made his debut in a local theater. This was also the home base of Dr. Martin Luther King’s northern civil rights movement. The heart of North Lawndale beats today in Homan Square, whose residences, businesses and a high school and technology learning center were raised from the historic ruins of Sears Roebuck’s world headquarters.

North Lawndale: Chicago’s Jewish and African-American Histories Meet Along Route 66

Written by Alan Solomon, with research assistance from the Chicago Neighborhood Tourism Project

Old Route 66 went right through North Lawndale on the way to Santa Monica. But aside from the small, brown "Historic Route 66" sign on Ogden Avenue and what's left of a castle-shaped car wash at Ogden and Independence Avenue, it's hard to tell the Mother Road was here.  By the late 1920s, when the Illinois section of Route 66 was completed, nearly 50,000 Jews lived in North Lawndale, Chicago's largest Jewish community. That community has long scattered, but even 80-plus years later, it's easy to tell they were here. - Cached - Similar

Liz Long Gallery at URBAN ART RETREAT

Do you know an artist who would like to show their art in a Chicago art gallery?

Well Liz Long Gallery at URBAN ART RETREAT is looking for emerging artists who live anywhere but Illinois to be a part of a group show that opens here on April 8 with a reception from 4-9 p.m. (the show will be on display until May 26.)

This art show will feature artists who live in other states and in other countries.

To make it easy and affordable, there will be a section of the show for unframed artworks. All the person needs to do is email the curator some images of art they could send to the gallery whether framed or unframed. Then the curator will email back the instructions on how to enter the show.

The artist will be asked to get their art to the gallery by the latest on March 31!

They should send all their contact information and a list of the artworks sent. Alongside

the titles of all the works, they should write a description of the works, the media, size, and how much they would like the art to sell for (or NFS). On the back of each piece we would like them to write their name and the title of the piece only. (no other information on the back, please)

If you know someone, please forward this message to them right away.

Thanks for helping artists find places to show their art!

Illinois artists are not eligible.

Dianna C. Long


1957 S. Spaulding Ave.

Chicago, Il. 60623

(773) 542-9126

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Join students, parents, staff, community members on March 25th, 2011, 2:45pm
Jacob Beidler Elementary School, 3151 w. Walnut, in a rally to


I’m really taken aback by the way the Smalls Schools movement, and privatizing schools are making this move to take over Beidler. Beidler is not on the list for closure and consolidation because it isn't an achieving school, the Charter wants the campus! Beidler has been in the East Garfield Park neighborhood since 1914, and only in 1959 were upgrades made to the school. In 1999 addtional construction was made to convert the school to its current modification, as we speak a campus park is being installed (Lake/Kedzie/Albany).

This school is beyond bricks and mortar; it has a family of administrators, educators, teachers, and parent volunteers that on Wednesday rallied at the CPS Board of Education to keep their school open. We are talking here about teachers and support staff that have been in service to CPS, some at the school for 35 years. I have met adults that went to school at Beidler and are now raising grand-children that attend the school.

I’ve been an independent contractor and vendor for Chicago Public Schools since 2002, some time spent at Small Schools, contracting through art organizations to services schools. Beidler has contracted my services for five years now, finding money where they can as their school budget gets ever tighter ever year. But, they have made allowances to expose their students to the arts, music, a vibrant after-school drama program, and other safety net programs. The school currently offers its parents a food closet program.

Am I a walking bill board for “Jacob Beidler” Yes! I think that the Board of Education needs to rethink its strategy on deleting history; to booster the notion of “Charter Education".  Is it better to dismantle and remove 457 students, 60 employees, and a wealth of community and parent volunteers to bring in Urban Prep?

Key Findings:

Faradays data’s is lower than Beidler’s in all areas except for Math,

Beidler has a higher enrollment and attendance rated than Cather and Faraday

Beidler’s mobility rate is lower than Cather, meaning that despite Cather’s “higher scores”, they have more transfer outs than we Beidler.

Faraday’s mobility is shockingly high.

Student’s participation in extracurricular activities at Beidler far exceeds Cather and Faraday’s students (Cather actually had a huge drop from 08 to 09)

Parent satisfaction is considerably lower at Cather and Faraday compared to Beidler.


Move Faraday into Cather and combine Urban Prep (enroll 125) and Garfield Charter (enroll 118)

Walking Distance ---

Beidler to Cather 1.5 miles

Faraday to Cather 1.8 miles
Combined Enrollment--

Cather and Beidler 678, this consolidation would be too crowed for students.

Faraday and Cather 427 Beidler’s enrollment still higher

Urban and Garfield 233 Good size for current Faraday

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CPS brass considers school consolidation - Chicago Sun-Times

CPS brass considers school consolidation - Chicago Sun-Times

Another action being discussed is moving Cather Elementary into Beidler Elementary, sources said.

Principals at some of the affected schools hadn’t been informed of the plans as of Sunday. Carpenter principal Duane Pitts Sr. said his school was marked for closure three years ago but he wasn’t aware of any consolidation plans. LaSalle principal Suzanne Velasquez also said she had heard nothing about the proposed merger with Andersen, which was the unsuccessful target for a phased closure in 2008.

The discussion comes as Andrew Broy, head of the Illinois Network of Charter Schools, complained that one dozen to 18 charter schools that share buildings with traditional public schools “are on the cusp of outgrowing their facilities and need a solution.” Consolidating an underused school into another school would theoretically free up a building for a charter.

Mazany said he favored a one-year moratorium on new charter operators until facilities could be identified over the summer and fall for existing “high performing charters.”

Mayor-Elect Rahm Emanuel is a charter proponent and has packed his education transition team with charter operators, funders and supporters.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CPS wants to consolidate Beidler School

We need your help to save our school. Please write a letter of support and email it to Show your support Wednesday morning at the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education, 125 Clark Street, wear green and white in support of Beidler School.

Dr. Shirley A. Ewing

Dr. Shirley A. Ewing, Principal

Jacob Beidler Elementary School

Home of the Beidler Bulls

Office: 773 - 534 - 6811

Fax: 773 - 534 - 6817

Cell: 773 841-2903

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sinai Tomorrow Project

From the desk of Tondalaya Shepard-Turner Director of Volunteer & Service Mt. Sinai Hospital.
Sinai is holding a community meeting on Thursday, March 10th to discuss the Sinai Tomorrow Project (the building of the new hospital). First of all you are invited. Second of all we need people to distribute flyers to the homes surrounding Sinai.

Sinai and the CHA recently finalized a historic land transfer agreement that will enable the construction of up to 300 new units of mixed-income housing in North Lawndale, with the first 137 rental housing units scheduled for completion in fall 2011.

The Sinai Tomorrow Project is now progressing through key parts of the planning and design process. Concurrently, Sinai Board Chairman Steve Koch is cycling across the southern United States to heighten awareness of Sinai, our remarkable caregivers and our legacy of healing.

The primary area of distribution would be two blocks south of Sinai…north to Roosevelt on California and east to Talman or Fairfield (which ever is the furthest east).

We would like to have the flyers distributed on Monday starting at 10:00 am. Can you meet me in my office at 10:00 am to assist?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Tondalaya Shepard-Turner


Tondalaya Shepard-Turner
Director of Volunteer & Service
773-257-2635 office

Sinai Health System
Room M-314
Chicago IL 60608-1797


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cycling across the United States for Sinai

The Sinai Tomorrow Project is now progressing through key parts of the planning and design process. Concurrently, Sinai Board Chairman Steve Koch is cycling across the southern United States to heighten awareness of Sinai, our remarkable caregivers and our legacy of healing.

Steve Koch, chairman of the board of Sinai Health System, began a 3,100-mile cross-country bicycle ride with his son Jacob on September 6 in order to raise money for The Sinai Tomorrow Project and awareness of the Sinai story.

Koch has been a member of Sinai's board for 24 years, continuing the legacy of his grandfather, Morris Kurtzon, who opened Mount Sinai Hospital in 1919.

Known as the Southern Tier route, the ride from San Diego, California, to St. Augustine, Florida, is an arduous one with a variety of challenging terrain, including crossing desert, two mountain ranges, the Texas Hill Country and the bayous of Louisiana.

"Many people have asked me why I am doing this," said Koch. "Cycling for Sinai is the realization of three dreams of mine — doing something to raise money for one of the nation's best models for urban healthcare serving needy populations, riding a bicycle across America and riding with my son Jacob."
Throughout the journey, which concluded November 1, 2010, individuals, groups and organizations  signed up as sponsors of the ride and to support The Sinai Tomorrow Project through a web site designed for the trip: