Thursday, December 17, 2009



We’re proud to introduce a new non-for-profit initative that brings visual media & performing arts to Homan Square.

1ST FUNDRAISER: Saturday, December 12, 2009 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. at Murphy Hill Gallery.

What We Are

ART FORMS 22 is a non for profit art center dedicated to elevating cultural awareness within Chicago's North Lawndale Community through art education programs and the exhibition of art.

Who We Are

ART FORM 22 is comprised of working art professionals that specialize in teaching a variety of workshops that promote artistic and creative expression. Our goal is to provide enriching skills to community members through the arts.

What We Do

ART FORMS 22 teach youth and adults ways to explore new expressive possibilities through contemporary painting, drawing, sculpture, film and performance.

Workshops will also address topics on African American art, the history of art, and the influence of Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary Painting on American culture.

In addition to class activities, there will be educational tours, featured exhibitions and special events that will facilitate and inspire individuals about art and culture.

Our Goal

As a thriving center for the arts, ART FORM 22 creates an environment where emerging artists have the freedom to express themselves by finding a voice inside which inspires them to create new and exciting art forms. It is from this creative platform that youth and adults learn how art can enrich their lives as well as elevate cultural awareness and appreciation within the community of Lawndale.

50 ALDERMEN/50 ARTISTS: A Group Show

50 ALDERMEN/50 ARTISTS: A group exhibition of portraits that will enable people to learn more about the 50 aldermen who make up the Chicago City Council, and raise awareness of local government. On Friday, March 19, 2010 from 7-11pm, Old Style proudly presents 50 ALDERMEN/50 ARTISTS at the Johalla Projects Gallery, 1561 N. Milwaukee. 6PM - 7pm VIP

Aldermen serve four-year terms, during which they vote on regulations and rules that affect all of us. And sometimes they participate in the notorious Chicago political machine: Since 1974, 30 aldermen have been convicted of federal crimes ranging from tax evasion to bribery. (A couple of others died before going to trial.) Whether ethical or corrupt, aldermen make our city what it is, and make Chicago's history. 50 ALDERMEN/50 ARTISTS hopes to acknowledge this fact, as well as celebrate the richness of our local political culture.

In keeping with the spirit of 50 ALDERMEN/50 ARTISTS, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a nonprofit, non-partisan voter registration organization. Not only do we want to inform people about the aldermen who make a daily impact on our lives, we also want to give people the tools to act on that information. The voter registration group, TBD, will register voters at the March 19 opening.