Monday, June 16, 2008

War Garden: An Experiment in Patriotic Agriculture

There will be two performances near us (El Coqui) and African Heritage Garden . Should be fun!

Beginning June 13 in Grant Park, Captain Streeter and the Ladies' Auxiliary Clash Over Chicago 's Open Spaces in a Mix of
History, Theatrics, Music and Agriculture.

CHICAGO – NeighborSpace and Walkabout Theater Company announce the world premiere of War Garden: An Experiment in Patriotic Agriculture, a comic and historic theater production and event celebrating Chicago 's history of community gardening. Beginning June 13 in Grant Park, the production features larger-than-life historical figures, patriotic songs, vegetable warfare and audience participation and travels to five additional community gardens in Chicago before returning to Grant Park for its final performances July 25 – 27. The event includes a one-half hour "Garden Party" before each performance, in which hands-on gardening and art making activities are offered to audience members. Tickets are a suggested donation of $10 and are available at each garden the day of the event. Audience members are encouraged to bring blankets or lawn chairs for their seating. For more information or to inquire about special needs seating call 773.527.0341 or go to

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Boycott Foxnews

( com/v/277gQDcBtM Y&hl=en) <--watch this and see why we need a world wide boycott of all sponsored products or services from Foxnews..see this montage of racist attacks against black America.....
must see...spread the word....together we can make them stop it....Sean and his uncle tom guests......

Monday, June 2, 2008

Illinois Facility Fund Multi-Use Facility On Mute for the West Side

CC: Alpha Bruton, Arts and Cultural Committee, Garfield Park Conservatory Alliance/New Communities Program

Thank you for the updates regarding upcoming meeting dates and your continued interest in the community facility project.

I believe that in our last update to you, we informed you that it had come to IFFs attention that the Jesse White Tumblers (JWT) had expressed interest in building a home at the southeast corner of Western and Adams . Earlier this year, IFF met with representatives of JWT to attempt to formulate a plan to merge the community facility and JWT facility project plans to develop a single, multi-use facility on the site. After reviewing the community facility plans, JWT concluded that merging the plans would significantly slow the JWT facility development plan. Late in April, IFF was officially notified by CPD that JWT will be granted sole use and control of the parcels of land on that corner. Unfortunately, without those parcels, there will not be enough land area remaining on the site to build a separate multi-use facility in conjunction with the Grant Campus gym addition as originally planned. We are trying to revive the project, but our planning for the multi-use facility is on hold until further notice. We will let you know if there is any change in the project status.

Georgette Varner Project Associate

So that's it, plans just muted? How can we advocate for a Multi Use Art Facility to be built where it is needed the most?

Chicago Area Waterways

Join us at a public hearing on June 16, 2008 or write a letter to support stronger water quality standards for the . Please read the attached alert to find out more about what you can do.

Openlands is part of a task force that actively supports the proposed standards to encourage safe recreational use and better aquatic habitat in the Chicago River and Calumet River systems. Over the last decade, Openlands has contributed to the dramatic increase in people that enjoy and care for our waters by working with municipalities to install boat launch sites, teaching StreamLeaders about how to monitor water quality, and promoting the Northeastern Illinois Water Trails Plan we developed with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and Illinois Pa ddling Council.

Please contact Stacy Meyers-Glen, Policy Coordinator at Openlands with any questions about the proposed standards, and how you can help. 312.863.6265