Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We need your supports!

Please join Beidler School and the rest of the schools in the Humbolt Park and Garfield Park Network to Save Our Schools. We need your supports! CPS is giving us one last opportunity to show why they should not close our schools. However, we cannot do it alone.

Please show up at the mt. Vernon M.B. Church, located at 2622 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL at 7:00 p.m.

Come early so that you will be able to secure a seat. We don't want any of our supporters to have to stand. Beidler School's parents students and staff will be wearing Kelley green tee shirts. If you have one please show your support by wearing it to the meeting. Please don't let the weather discourage you from supporting our children. They gave a right to attend schools in their own neighborhood. They should not have to risk crossing gang lines to attend school.

Remember our children need your support!

Dr. Shirley Ewing

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Veterans for Peace.

Posted for Ayala Leyser, artist

Hello Artists!
The next show/event : "Peace, War and more War", is sceduled for March April. Besides visual art it will host music and some poetry relevant to the topic.
No commission charged on sales, but artists are encouraged to donate a small percentage of sales to Veterans against War, a multi-cause progressive organization.
A $25 - $40 installation/hanging fee will apply pending on size and number of pieces admitted. This fee includes a full reception event, drinks, food poetry and music relevant to theme.
Application is free. More detail on:

Still calling for Art for the next show at my Out of Line studio/gallery in Chicago.
My gallery focuses on progressive themes, and full multi-media events.
Feel free to apply/enter any work pertaining to theme (anti war, anti invasion, anti violence) by emailing an photo, a title, description and a very brief artist statement to:
Looking forward to seeing your work,
Ayala Leyser, artist
Out of Line Art Gallery
2812 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60622


Date: 1/07/2013
Subject:  Women of All Colors Art Show: February 9-March 23, 2013

Proposed for February/March 2013, now accepting proposed images for the show from women from around the globe. Especially interested in art by women about their lives, about what concerns them, about difficult issues they are dealing with and that they see people around them dealing with.
What are you concerned about?!
Women may send images of their art to be considered [extended through] January 23 via email. Actual art, once accepted to the show, must arrive at gallery before end of January. More details on deadlines upon request. Send your images now!!! Actual art must be 32” or under.

Would like to be Included, but Cannot send the actual artwork?
Will also include art that has been sent via email.
(For those who do not send the actual artworks they want included, we will print out the images you send us and include them in the show via a notebook of 8X10 size pages once accepted). Please make sure images are 600 dpi. Videos about issues confronting women from diverse communities are welcome for the video event (March 9 from 2-4p.m.) associated with this art show.

About the gallery at Chicago Urban Art Retreat The Liz Long Gallery is a stepping stone gallery for new and emerging artists. The gallery at CUARC features artists with extensive resumes and shown exhibits, and also welcomes those with barely any experience at all. This makes for a memorable show of unique works fresh with different media, styles, and skills. Included are talented artists who are from this area and from other states & other countries.
We are located at 1957 S. Spaulding Ave.. Chicago, Illinois, 60623, U.S.A.
This art space welcomes participants who make art in CUARC’s programs to show what they created.

FREE art studio time on Saturdays 11-1 p.m.

Review the General Directions for Submitting Artwork
Please send digital images of your original art to
We will carefully review and consider your artwork for a show.
Once accepted, we will contact you via email with important written details for the next steps within 1-2days.
Prepare you pieces to be formally presented in the gallery.
Label with (your name and the title of the piece only) on the back of each art piece you send in.
Install display-ready wire on the back of each piece that you want featured in the show. If a hook is used on back of artwork, it must be claw type and only one in center.
Deliver your art pieces to the Liz Long Gallery at CUARC by appt. or send via mail/UPS/FedEx. to arrive between January 23 - Jan. 31. Artist is responsible for all transportation costs.
Email an artist statement about you and your art.
Include two copies of a signed inventory sheet that includes all of your contact info at the top and a list of all the pieces you send including the title, size, description, media and price or NFS.
Expect that artists receive 70% of all sales with 30% going to CUARC.
If you live locally, you are urged to attend your art reception and any associated discussions possible.
Whether you live nearby or faraway- all artists must invite their support network (family members, friends, co-workers, and clients) to attend the opening reception and associated discussions they are interested in.
Artists are asked to help publicize the art show online, on their Facebook page, twitter, etc.
Artists may pick up their art on the last day of the show at 4 p.m. or by appt. within 3 days of the end of show or pay a daily fee beginning on 4th day. Those sending art from afar must make arrangements to have their art picked up and returned.

Curator, Dianna C. Long, has Assistant Curators helping to include artists in this show.

Dianna C. Long
1957 S. Spaulding Ave.
Chicago, Il. 60623
(773) 542-9126