Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CPS wants to consolidate Beidler School

We need your help to save our school. Please write a letter of support and email it to saewings@cps.k12.il.us. Show your support Wednesday morning at the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education, 125 Clark Street, wear green and white in support of Beidler School.

Dr. Shirley A. Ewing

Dr. Shirley A. Ewing, Principal

Jacob Beidler Elementary School

Home of the Beidler Bulls

Office: 773 - 534 - 6811

Fax: 773 - 534 - 6817

Cell: 773 841-2903


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Anonymous said...

my sisters son went to that school and he still go there and when we heard that they was closing the school we knew we had to do somthing about it. know today we saved our school thank you all and dr.ewing for saving our school.